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    Hardy Passion works hard to live up to its name. It’s a hearty, bold coffee with a strong, rich body and complimentary chocolate overtones. We take care to roast it to be robust but not bitter–just the way a dark roast should be. Available in: 12oz Bag, Case of 8/12 ounce Bags and 5. : Premium Organic Coffee Beans By Lifeboost – Single Origin Organic Fair Trade Nicaragua Coffee Beans – 12 oz Whole Bean Medium serve pods 20 count dark roast $14.29 Wake Up Joe Single Serve Pods 20 Count Medium Roast $14.29 Tall Dark and Handsome Single Serve pods 12 count dark roast $8.19 Tall Dark and Handsome 12 oz Ground Coffee Dark Roast $8.99 Wake Up Joe 12 oz Ground Coffee Medium Roast $8.99 Joe 16 oz Corn Mug $9.99.