Your Home as an Investment Discussion The investment part comes when the house is paid off and you have no more mortgage payments. So say if your monthly expense is 2,000 and 800 is rental, by buying a house, only 1,200 of your expenses are subject to inflation.

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Continuing Education. other than simply buying the house outright in your name and renting or giving it to you child. real estate is an investment opportunity, and coast-to-coast you can find.

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4 Common Foundation Problems in Florida – Gleason Realty In our area, there is a high volume of undervalued slab homes on the market. After one bad experience in renovating one we have decided to avoid th In our area, there is a high volume of undervalued slab homes on the market. After one bad experience in renovating one we have decided to avoid th

It’s a home, not an investment. The high, ongoing costs of homeownership are why financial planners typically discourage clients from viewing their residence as an investment. Historically, homes typically appreciate at a rate that basically matches inflation, according to housing expert Robert Shiller.

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Some of you who read the headline above are wondering what revelation Monevator will bring you next. Magic beans aren’t legal tender? Money doesn’t grow on trees? Of course your house is an investment. Of course it’s an asset.

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