Savannah is only 5-years-old, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a hero! Her father was experiences breathing troubles and then chest pains, so Savannah called the 911 operator for help. What’s more impressive is the fact that she does this while also reassuring her father that he was going to be all right.

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An investigation into Williams’ 911 phone calls revealed that many of her calls only lasted 20 seconds or less, and that Williams had often hung up on callers requesting emergency assistance. After disconnecting thousands of callers as a 911 dispatcher, Williams was recently charged with two counts of interference with an emergency telephone call.

5-year old boy calls 911 to tell them that he’s hungry and his mother is gone.. A 27-year-old Indiana mother was arrested on Friday after her 5-year-old son called 911 for help. She had left him and his 10-month-old brother alone and hungry in their Mishawaka apartment, according to WBND-TV

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Listen as 911 Dispatcher Helps family deliver baby on Bathroom Floor – Duration:. 25-Year-Old 911 Operator Meets Baby She Helped Deliver Over The Phone. Breda Group C Live Show 2019.

10-year-old, dispatcher help mom deliver baby 25-Year-Old 911 Operator Meets Baby She Helped Deliver By Phone. Source: 25-Year-Old 911 Operator Meets Baby She Helped Deliver By Phone – Good News Network. Posted by. Mortgage Masters Group NMLS Branch ID#: 373290 phone 772-340-4003 email 481 SW Port St.

‘We can’t get her back alive’: 7-year-old calls 911 after baby sister falls in pool 7-year-old Dylann Ott has been praised for quickly calling 911, helping to save her baby sister who fell in the.

Well this real life 911 call by a brave little six year old named Lisa will give you a raw insight into how terrifying it is. Beware though, the audio you’re about to hear is so unsettling I’m still shaking. This 911 operator got what she thought was a routine call, but instead heard a little girl’s voice begging for the Police to be sent.